Sunday, August 26, 2007

This is FUN!

OMG so I started this thing @ What it is I can find COOL stuff I like and put it on my MUST have list.. but once you get this cool list you can then have a poll on it and have the public vote!! this is killer!!! I am such a DORK!
I love and addicted to baby clothes - Trendy Hot and Cool Baby Clothes - Send them my way PLEASE!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Honestly, what are insurance companies good for anyways???

Ok, so I got in an accident the other day for the first time in my whole life... I rear ended a truck at some stupid intersection downtown. I think they need to put a light there. I wasn't the one who suggested that, but I think it's a dang good idea.

So who knows what we need to do to have this implemented?? The city needs to know. There are way too many accidents in that place (so i've heard). So let's find out where we can complain about this since we have nothing better to do with our time.
But that's not the point, I got sidetracked... the point is that I took my car to the shop and they want to total the car!!! As if I have the money to pay to get the damn car fixed!!! (thank goodness for insurance, but what is this deductable nonsense anyways???) So know what the heck do I do??? And the insurance company didn't call me today which means I have to wait all weekend before I even hear anything from them. Now that's ridiculous.
And since a rental car isn't covered on my insurance (who woulda thought I would have ever needed this service.) I have no car to drive for like who knows how long. Wow, what a complainer I am.

Well, I guess i might as well tell you some good news amongst all this crap with the damn insurance company... I was shopping for some children's clothes at my favorite online boutique and they have some great deals going on with their back to school sale. Totally cute stuff. Gotta check it out.
Oh, and I surfed for the second time today. Totally awesome. I think i'll enter a competition
soon. I'm that good. LOL. Just nod and smile. Thanks.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Its been awhile!

Ok so I havent kept up like I want... whats a woman going to do? :) Anyways! Lets do a gossip search and see what I can come up with to be my B*tch of the day!

Ok - so I went to Google News! and looked at the "Recommended" and the breaking story of the day!
Here is my take on it: I guess she still likes cats! after she has had the dog!
The story is:

Angelina Jolie’s Ex: ‘I’m Still Her Lover’ Entertainmentwise - 45 minutes agoAngelina Jolie’s ex girlfriend Jenny Shimizu, has warned Brad Pitt: “There has never been an ending to her and I. I think there never will be.

Yep oh so fun! Love American News!

So here is something that I really do love:
I love baby clothes @!!

Plus I found this new site: ok so this site is supperz coolz I want to hooptie up my ATV :)

Friday, August 3, 2007

Why K-Fed, Why

"Kevin Federline insists that his ex wife Britney Spears' celebrity status is the reason for his huge expenses bill, claiming that only those who are in the spotlight can understand the "financial dynamics" of his situation. " MUST read - or just spare yourself!
OK here is MY b*tch of the day! - Do I need to really say anything? Except he is so gross, he used Brit, she is now crazy as a scorned, wanting to find love, but hides her pain in (cant say may be sued) woman... she is the reason for his bills? um.. Men GET some @#$ and make your own money! and stop trying to be slim shady! There is no stand up going on for you!
Hey Hef, I love your mag now, its very grown up compared to the rest of the world! - lets talk about that dress in my previous blog again!

Titanium Dress!!! On cover of Playboy!

Ok so yesterday, I asked thoughts and someone emailed me this in responce to my titanium rings that I found!! - WOW!! (sorry kids had to crop out the goods, as I would be in trouble for showing it!)

So she was saying this.. the dress that is on the cover of playboy is made out of Titanium... so I guess ladies her answer to me was she would get her Honey this dress!! ok WOW! now thats a present!
I havent checked the news yet so I dont have my B*tch of the day... but I will have it soon for you... so I guess if you buy tons of the rings from that store i found yesterday... then you can make your own dress too....
Ill be back!