Monday, April 28, 2008

Baby Gifts That Are A Real Hit!

I find that one of the most difficult things to do these days, is to pick out a baby gift that will not only make a baby happy but, the parents too! I recently went to a friend's baby shower and, I was really nervous about my gift selection. Let's face it, if its not a high end gift or money, there is a lot of hesitation when the gift is being opened! Well, on my end it is anyway. I have always been one to be a little different and, creative when it comes to giving something. I choose to go with the personalized baby gifts I found over at! This colorful little coat rack designed in the kid's name, I thought would look great in their room! They can enjoy it as the grow! so, this is a gift that will keep on giving right? Anyway, it was a big hit! The parents loved it!!!!

Cool Stuff for the Kid's Room!

I just came across the coolest looking crib bedding for kids. This stuff can grow with little ones! I'm always on the look out for the newest stuff that comes along, and, this baby bedding caught my eye. I like to think of myself as a modern gal and, this will totally go well with the rest of my household! It's hip and, trendy just like me and my family! These days, babies have it made! Where was all this cool baby stuff when I was a kid?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Cool Jordan T-shirts for the Guys!

Does your guy live in t-shirts and, sports apparel? Help it out by looking great in some cool looking Jordan apparel and, graphic t-shirts! Now he can hit the basketball court and, look great doing it! I found some excellent prices on Jordan clothing at Why pay more to look great, I always say! These guys have some awesome deals!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Wedding Bands that He Can Commit To!

I would like to give out a little secret to all my friends out there. If you have a guy that has a real hard time with committing to wearing his wedding bands, I have the place for you. Check out for some really cool looking mens rings! Your guy, if he is like mine will probably love the rings at this place! And, kudos on the prices on these amazing pieces of jewelry! You can pick up a knock out ring that has a lifetime guarantee, and, a knock out price! Perfect for weddings on a budget! They even have some gorgeous engagement rings too!

Adorable Swimwear for Baby Girls!

I know that I can never have enough swimsuits and, that goes for my little girl too. The baby swimwear these days are so darn cute! I came across this adorable little two piece by Kate Mack! The safari print with little bows and floral embellishments are to die for! I love the leopard print that I see on all the baby clothes these days! I will have to search for something similar so my little "mini me" and I match when we hit the beach!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Here we go again with indecisiveness! He love it, he loves it not. I went ahead and, bought my significant other one of those titanium rings that he loves so much and, now he isn't sure he wants this one or that one! Okay, I thought I was the one that couldn't make up my mind! I think that I will just go ahead and pick up another one of the titanium wedding bands that he wants. This way we all can be happy. Sooner or later he will wearing a ring on every finger! Is it me or, am I indulging him too much? Oh, the things we do for love!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Has Your Man Ever Done This?

If your like me, I have a man that is very particular about what kind of jewelry he will or will not wear. So, here is my prodicament. He lost yet one of his favorite rings and, it was of course one that I bought him! He really likes titanium rings so, I headed over to This is where I searched for mens wedding bands and, such awhile back. I came across this really cool ring that has something so urban to it. Rough and tough looking with the black titanium cable that is held together with barrel connectors. It totally reminded me of him because he is a man who works with his hands. When I showed him this ring he freaked. "Are you kidding me?" This is the coolest ring Ive seen! Enough said, I bought it there on the spot! "Whew!" That was easier than I thought!