Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Enjoy the Little Luxuries

It doesn't get any more elegant than these baby bassinets by, Lulla Smith. I was so impressed by the beautiful soft flowing skirt made off Dupioni silk and, sheer Ivory Silk Organza. This exquisite, ensemble is available in soft palate of colors including : Butter cream, banana, baby pink, spring green, pale blue, and lilac. Celebrities have been well known that Lulla Smith brand is top quality and, continue to purchase Lulla Smith baby bedding, and, bassinets for their children! Now your child can enjoy the little luxury's just like the Celebs! Available at:!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Communicating by Video!

With the wide world of technology it was just a matter of time that we would be communicating more and more online. With unlimited emails, web-cams, instant messaging, and texting and chat, a new revolutionary way has emerged. Real time video age has been born.

What could be better that building your own personal channel for business or pleasure, and, broadcast it in real time! It's like producing your very own live show! Live video casting solutions is the new wave of technology; presents the world's first affordable, portable, live satellite video streaming system. TodoCast you can create is the first portable satellite and, live event video streaming that you create simply online!

Broadcast your event anywhere to anyone in real time with TodoCast. Viewers can watch live your live satellite webcasts from their own computers without ever leaving home. With live video casting solutions, corporate meetings, game events, weddings or any live event can be broadcasted live to colleagues, friends and, family who are not able to attend. It would be like they were right there when it was happening!

Yes, the new wave of technology has arrived with! For more information on the world's first affordable, portable live video streaming services, live satellite webcasting systems, and, high speed satellite Internet, please visit TodoCast.TV!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Passing Down Memories

I was cleaning out my jewelry box the other day, and, going through some old keepsakes that have been passed down to me. I have a few silver lockets from my great grandmother who just recently passed away. It's amazing how these little things hold such value. Not so much value in money but, in memories. I remember her wearing the little book locket around her neck when I just a little girl. I always admired it and, I think that's why she gave it to my mother to give to me. These are items that will stay in the family. I will pass them down through my family and, so on. I have been looking for some ideas of my own. I want my girls to know that these are traditions to be passed on. With keepsake items like this will hold special meaning for them as well.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What I Look For in Baby CLothes

What do you look for when buying clothes for your kids? I like to look for quality, well made, cute baby clothes for my kids. I do prefer the classic look over something wild and crazy. Designer baby clothes deliver pieces that are classic and, look great with anything you pair with them. I would choose a sweater like this over a cheap sweatshirt to throw on. They way I dress my kids says something about me and, I just want my little ones look like they are well taken care of. It just shows that I put a little taste and thought to their wardrobe. What are your favorite clothing pieces that your little ones can't live without?