Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Don't Know How to Mix HCG

As the years go by, my weight seems to be increasing at a steady rate. I've just recently tried a few weight loss supplements, but none have worked for me. I found out about this new HCG that's suppose to actually work. I received my kit, however, I don't know how to mix HCG. I would love to give it a try, but I just don't get it.

Delightful Womens Lab Coats!

My mom just recently got a new job at a hospital. For her old job, they had to wear blue lab coats, however, now she has to wear white. So, to show my congratulations on getting her new job, I wanted to get her a new lab coat! I looked all over at our work supply stores, but couldn't find anything that she would like. Finally I found these adorable womens lab coats and they look amazing! She absolutely loves her new lab coat!

Adorable Medical Clogs!

My friend is a vet, so she's always on her feet. For her birthday, she wanted some nice, comfortable, shoes that her feet would be happy in! I looked all over town, but couldn't find anything that was cute or comfortable. Finally I found these adorable medical clogs. She absolutely loves them! She can't stop raving about how comfortable and trendy they are!

Bubbly Wedding Favors

For one of my wedding favors that I didn't even know about was these "champagne"wedding bubbles.I thought they were just the coolest thing.All the little kids and even the adults just played with them all night.They were a big hit and they were very cute and something I have never seen so I liked them even more.Top wedding favors of the night!

Adorable Monkey Baby Shower Favors!

For my friends baby shower, her theme was monkey boy. She had blue monkey decorations and fun games. Each person who came to the shower, including me, got one of these adorable monkey baby shower favors. Everyone absolutely fell in love with the plush animals. They were a major hit with the guests!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just The Right Fit For Plus Size Swimsuits

Me and two other of my girlfriends need plus size swimsuits.We all have problems trying to find the right swimsuit for our body.Surprisingly we found this one place and it had a swimsuit,well tons of swimsuits,to fit each of our bodies.We were so happy and very pleased with the swimsuits we picked out.Its like each one we picked out was made for each of us.

Titanium Rings: Unique and Comfortable

Many mens rings, in my eyes, are rather bland and generic. For a few weeks now, prior to my anniversary of 5 years to my husband, I've been looking for a nice ring for him. All around town, I couldn't find anything that I liked. Everything looked the same to me. Finally I found these amazing titanium rings! They are very unique with many different styles. The durability seems uncanny to many other rings and the comfort is simply perfect! He absolutely loved it!

Unique Men's Wedding Bands

I worried about finding the right men's wedding band for my husband,because I know he doesn't really like the fancy white diamond look.So I had no clue what he would like so we were looking around and he found this ring and I new he liked it,because it's different and it has the black diamonds in it.I liked it because I have never seen a wedding band like this and I love it.It is a very beautiful ring and he loves it too.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dress Up With Your Wedding Favor Boxes

I've been looking for wedding favor boxes and I thought I wouldn't find exactly what I was looking for.I found these tuxedos and wedding dresses and I love them.They're just so cute!I can now put whatever I want in them and they are exactly what i was looking for.I love them and I am so happy with what I found!

Unique Baby Shower Invitations!

Have you ever been invited to a baby shower with a boring, plain, invite? For my sisters baby shower, I wanted to get her invites that matched the theme and decorations. I looked all over town for something that would work, but everything was very generic and boring. Finally I found these adorable ladybug baby shower invitations! Everyone at the shower couldn't stop raving about how adorable the invites were and how well they matched!

Perfect Fit For Mens Scrubs

My husband hated the old style of mens scrubs that he had to wear.Fortunately,his work got some new scrubs,and now he loves them!They fit him so well,and were made smartly.When I say mad "smartly," I mean they but better pockets on them to keep things from falling out,they give the men their shape and look flattering,and the pants have an athletic style waistband that doesn't dig into waist or even come loose to wear they might fall down.These scrubs have improved so much and they are perfect in every way!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Personalized Galore Baby Shower Favors

I have been searching for some good deals and unique baby shower favors and I found some awesome finds.All the favors that I picked from are personalized,because I just thought that would be more unique and special.They all go great with our theme and they are all so cool and cute!I couldn't have found a better place for baby favors.I'm am very happy with all the stuff I found and bought.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Do-It-Yourself Baby Shower Favors

For my baby shower I got so many gifts and the decorations were amazing.My baby shower favors were so cool and I couldn't have asked for a better shower.Some favor were these baby bottles.It was a do-it-yourself favor.They were filled with all sorts of candy and fun stuff inside.After wards they just emptied them out,and washed them,and i got to take them home and keep them.So now I'm all set with bottles and it was a cute and unique shower favor and I loved it

Monday, July 12, 2010

Funny Baby Shower Favors

At my baby shower,I got the funniest baby shower favor.It was a candle and some baby powder,but on the candle it looks just like a baby who wants a hug,but when you get closer you can tell it needs its diaper changed!Everyone laughed at it and it was so cute.The candle also smells really good!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fun Baby Shower Themes for Summer Babes!

Just in time for summer and the new arrival these pirate baby shower themes are the perfect choice! A little wild and rambunctious just like the little guy, this super fun theme is full of surprises! You can mix up the theme with hats or eye patches for your guests! When planning a baby shower use your imagination and the options are endless on how much fun you can have! The pirate theme is perfect for a super fun baby shower!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Best Massages in Huntington Beach!

I was in need of a good massage,but i had no clue where to go. I have a very stressful job and i just needed to relax. My friend told me about how in Huntington Beach there is a GREAT place to go and that i would have the best experience. She was so right,because now i go there at least twice a month,and it's just so great to go relax and have a great time. It's also a great price for a person who is on a budget,but also needs sometime for herself or himself.