Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Place to Call Our Own

We just moved into our first real home and I wanted to decorate with some new furniture. I think I will start on my little girls room first. This is something I'm really excited about so I'm really taking some time to find some nice baby furniture, baby bedding and artwork for her room. She has light pale walls and I thought putting up some nice mirrors or piece3s of children's artwork would be nice. The closet is huge so all her toys and clothes will definitely be stored in there. The next room will probably be the living room where we spend most for our time in. I found a really great deal on a huge floor rug and sectional so I think it will work out great. I'm just so excited to finally have a place we can call our own and spend our years growing up and adding things to it that we can love! Thank goodness I'm home again! Yay!