Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I plead guilty to being completely addicted to Pinterest and on it at all waking hours of the day. I have been wanting a site such as this to be able to find the latest trends, follow my friends, see the latest products and listen to what actual people are saying. But are they actually real people or just spammers?
Since Pinterest has become the latest craze people completely trust the website...until recently. More than every spammers are targeting this website because of its appeal to everyday real people. I myself have clicked on an image, which I thought to be an oriental rug, to be brought to a nothing but scamming website. Fake accounts are being created by companies and re pinned over and over again until they become the most popular. Pinterest will need to fight to keep its name and innocent website and I for one will be very sad if this genius website has to be put down.