Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sign of the Times

Do you wonder about the economy and how much worse it can get? I sure do and being a business owner much less a home owner it can be overwhelming with worry. Making a list of things that can be given up is one of my ways of trying to cut costs. Clipping coupons, hitting discount stores like Walmart, and rearranging some things at home. The little things like turning off lights or the computer when not in use can help with the electric bill. Taking shorter showers, and doing less laundry is also and option. A friend of mine who owns a large warehouse company has invested in some affordable high baby lights to replace her costly lighting system. She has noticed a drop in her bill which helped in saving some much needed money. Whatever we can do in the way of saving money, is almost a way of life these days. Hopefully the economy will turn around and we can loosen the laces a little. Having to worry day to day on what we will eat is a little scary. I just feel for all the people who are out of work. I can't even imagine what worries are on their shoulders. I pray that this soon passes!