Saturday, July 7, 2012

Great Quality Mens Titanium Wedding Bands

I thought finding the perfect set of wedding bands was going to be so difficult, but I was completely wrong. When we started looking at mens titanium wedding bands, I just knew right away that this is where we are going to find his ring. This ring is so beautiful. It is simple without being boring. The cuts in it are so beautiful. It is such a good quality metal that it will not yellow, and that was very important to us. We really want our rings to last as long as possible. Even though it is a very good quality metal it was still on sale which was just a bonus to us! I cannot wait to put this ring on his finger on the best day of my life!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Little Black Dress

Every girl needs a little black dress in their wardrobe. It is something that is so classic, yet will always be in style. It is always fun to get a new dress for an event like a wedding or something, but when you don't have the time or money it is always nice to know that you have a great dress that will never go out of style. The fun thing about them is that you can dress them up with basically any color accessory and/or shoe. Silver and gold are always great to work with black, but if you are feeling fun a pop of color is always cute. It won't be like you are wearing the same outfit every time you wear the dress. A little black dress can be very formal or even just going out for the night, and that is the best part of having one!