Friday, August 3, 2007

Why K-Fed, Why

"Kevin Federline insists that his ex wife Britney Spears' celebrity status is the reason for his huge expenses bill, claiming that only those who are in the spotlight can understand the "financial dynamics" of his situation. " MUST read - or just spare yourself!
OK here is MY b*tch of the day! - Do I need to really say anything? Except he is so gross, he used Brit, she is now crazy as a scorned, wanting to find love, but hides her pain in (cant say may be sued) woman... she is the reason for his bills? um.. Men GET some @#$ and make your own money! and stop trying to be slim shady! There is no stand up going on for you!
Hey Hef, I love your mag now, its very grown up compared to the rest of the world! - lets talk about that dress in my previous blog again!

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