Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Billie Holiday, A Must Have on Valentines Day

The mother of jazz should definitely be the sound track to your valentines day. I mean honestly there is nothing sweeter than the sound of Billie Holiday's soulfully rich voice. Her lyrics about love will make your heart just melt. The sassyness in her voice mixed with the hunger for love is the perfect playlist for valentines day.

My wife and I are going to enjoy a beautiful dinner inside our home for our valentines day. I know for sure when she comes home to Billie holiday: Greatest Hits playing she will just melt. Our wedding song is actually I'll be seeing you by Billie holiday, so I know when she comes home memories of our life together will just fill her mind. Hopefully with my great home cooked meal and the music, nostalgia will kick in and she will be able to remember all the past valentines and fall for me all over again.

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