Friday, December 17, 2010

Angels in Lab Coats

This is the time of year for the flu bug to makes its way through the entire town it seems.
Its inevitable that my family would be catching some kind of cold or flu and we would be most likely visiting the doctor's office once or twice.
I just wish they had more doctors on staff specially this time of year when the trafficking bugs are out. I think I spent more time watching the one of only two angels disguised as doctors in their crisp white lab coats hustle and bustle trying to help as many as they could.
The waiting room was full of sad, pale faces. My heart goes out to the little ones that fall prey to these nasty bugs that dont care who they infect. Well, as I sat and watched the cartoon on the tv run over and over I thought to myself, I just hope that we get over this flu season quickly and that everyone recovers before Christmas.

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