Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Baby Showers!

I have been to so many baby showers these past few months! What is going on? Everyone I know is having babies! Yeah, I have one. Just one and, that's all I'm gonna have! But, some of these people are just having more than I personally could ever handle! If I thought one was hard, kudos to the moms I know that two or more! Wow! Don't get me wrong I love kids, I'm just feeling too old for this! Anyway, I attended these baby showers and, look back at my shower that I had. Why didn't I think of half of the cool thing that I saw at these showers. The games, the baby shower favors, and, decorations were amazing! I was actually feeling sorry for myself, because my shower was pretty lame by, comparison. Well, hey, I was away from home when my shower was thrown, so, I was out of my element and, away from the people who knew me my entire life. Maybe if I was back home, my shower party would of been a lot different! Who knows!

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