Monday, November 26, 2007

Y! Crashed on Cyber Monday!

Please forward this on!!! Blog about it, email it, let the world now that I am mad! Please go Google KEYWORD: BABY CLOTHES! # 1 organic ranked website, the leader in Organic Search Rankings for terms like Baby Clothes, Children’s Clothes, and Designer Baby Clothes in Google for a year now, is a Yahoo! Store, and on Cyber Monday YAHOO goes down! the BIGGEST shopping day of the Year! Y! Store shopping Carts have crashed! and shopping cart is down, type in Baby Clothes in Google Google #1 and #2 spot for Baby Clothes!’s website you can browse the site but you can’t buy! WHY YAHOO Can't perform!!! >> GET With it Yahoo! All the hard work has done with Search Engine Optimization and this is the slap in the face we get! WHAT is this!

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